Product Liability

MHR Law defends clients against attacks that go to the heart of their business – the products they design, manufacture, market and sell.  Our attorneys have a strong track record as trial and appellate counsel, including defense verdicts in jury trials involving sympathetic plaintiffs who suffered catastrophic personal injuries.  Our cases are typically complex and multi-party.

We have advised and defended companies across a broad spectrum of industries, but our focus is primarily upon the Pest Control industry.  The members of our group are first-rate trial lawyers with an enviable record of winning cases at trial.  We are known for, and proud of, our ability to persuasively communicate complex scientific and technical issues to judges and juries and have won jury trials in cases involving complicated science brought by sympathetic plaintiffs, typically with very serious injuries.

Additionally, clients turn to us for advice in evaluating, managing and minimizing the risks of litigation, even before litigation arises.  We provide risk management counseling to clients at various stages of product development and marketing.