Pest Control Litigation

Mark Ruff, founder of MHR Law, has been involved in pest control litigation for almost two decades. He is recognized as an authority on pest control law and has given numerous presentations and lead panel discussions for the Florida Pest Management Association as well as various state and regional associations.

MHR Law provides a full range of legal services to pest control professionals throughout Florida. We know the pest control industry, and we understand how the law impacts our clients. MHR Law has built a reputation for successful defense of pest control companies against termite lawsuits, MDI-MDO inspection lawsuits, chemical exposure lawsuits, bed bug lawsuits and other pest-related claims. This includes representing pest control companies in all types of matters arising before federal, state and local administrative and regulatory agencies.

A major portion of our practice involves assisting clients nationwide with mergers and acquisitions in the pest control field, assisting both buyers and sellers with due diligence and the structuring of business purchase and sale transactions. We at MHR Law are committed to providing our pest control industry clients with the highest quality legal representation efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.